Online Shopping

Pandemic online shopping. Support local, harder than it looks. This caught a lot of local businesses by surprise, so they are currently trying to convert and save their business where they can.

For Canadians shopping online for thrifty finds, it is difficult to order something from Ontario or even Canada.

I have seen so many ads for ThredUp, truth is, American. Everything is USD, then they charge a premium for shipping plus, taxes and duty is not included, so you have to take a guess at that. If you lived in the states, super amazing deals and easy to find stuff. Only thing is, you can’t sort from lowest to highest for pricing. I haven’t purchased from them, yet…until I find the gem of all gems that makes it all worth it. – Also an American company but, it is like the Facebook marketplace of clothing, but nicer and easier to find things. If you are buying, you are looking at spending 12.99 Canadian for shipping for one item. Clothing is decently priced, however, still higher than actual thrift shopping. High-end items are authenticated by Poshmark. If you are selling, they take 20% fee on your sale, but… give you a free shipping label when your item sells. All you need to do is package it and get it in the mail asap. Once the person receives the item, they release your money to your account. I made my first Poshmark sale today. Items that are on sale in your closet get a discounted shipping rate for the person buying ($9.99) so that is a win-win.

Shein – Slightly higher-end than Aliexpress and certainly faster shipping than free 60-90 day shipping, Wish is another site that is cheap but from China. I have ordered about $80 worth of stuff from there, waiting on it to come in the mail. Reveal to come later. Reasonably priced items. I have heard the quality is ok, we shall see soon! Can’t wait. Shipping wasn’t overly expensive. But this is not a Canadian site, most stuff is coming from China.

Luxury consignment- If I had the cash, there are some great options in Toronto that have online stores and some deals for shipping during this time. – French (France) company, delivers worldwide, can change settings to Canadian dollars. – I find, has good prices for luxury items. They go fast though, you need to be on it!

Local that I wish had an online shop. I have shopped at both locations and love their selections for luxury items at decent prices. – Picton, Ontario – Whitby, Ontario

I know Bibles for Missions, Value Village, and Goodwill have such a huge inventory, but they could move it if they moved it online. I know goodwill has an American version online and sell for cheap via their own bidding or via eBay. Common Canada, get on board!

Facebook marketplace, Varagesale, Kijiji and Craigslist are all great apps or locations to sell or buy, if you have patience. I prefer Varagesale, as they have less restrictions on what you can sell and have a rating system for buying and selling. More honour. No one likes being stood up on a sale. And you can offer porch pickup.

A recent purchase was three copper pots from Varagesale seller for $5. With some simple vinegar and salt clean up, they turned out lovely.